Neotec Monitors

Neotec Monitors
I never had the pleasure, or displeasure depending on how you look at it, of working with these monitors & didn't have any info on them. It seems I wasn't alone in that aspect as I kept getting emails from many saying they could not find anything on these. With help from all of you I was able to get a kit together in 2002 & it's been a process of continually getting bits & pieces of info ever since. I added 2 of the flybacks to stock when I didn't even know what they were... just going on what y'all had requested. I've gleaned a lot more info from the net & not everything is 100%, but I figured I'd put the general info up here for you to use at your own risk before I forget all of it.

There are many discrepancies among your supplied material, manuals & schematics... as slim as they are... layouts & etc. You've supplied 2 different layouts & 2 different schematics stamped with NT-2700, so there may be two versions of this one, or it may be mis-labeled material. There are confirmed differences between parts lists & actual components, as well.

I've come up with a combined cap kit that will serve most of the models & it covers the main chassis & the neck board. Some versions will not have a cap in the listed position & as with any chassis, if there is nothing there, do not put one there. Usually caps in a pincushion circuit are not a problem, but it has been said that C19 has been a problem on the Neotec pincushion bd, so I will be making a separate Neotec pincushion cap kit for those who want it. I'll try to make a table here that will cover most of the info I've been able to come up with.... such as it is.

Note: Online info shows each of the three flybacks used for every model listed & even cross ref sites point differently for each model, so I'm going to list what I believe is the correct flyback/model in each category. If you have something different with stickers on the chassis & the flyback to verify it please let me know & I'll adjust it.

"C" CGA Std Res Models Use Combo Cap Kit & MRCFT-216 Flyback

"E" EGA Med Res Models Use Combo Cap Kit & MRCFT-249 Flyback

"V" VGA Res Models Use Combo Cap Kit & MRCFT-252 Flyback

Labeled Models Also Covered By The Combo Cap Kit

The combo cap kit will be on the Cap Kit Page at the same $9 pricing & the pincushion cap kit will also be listed there for $5 and will include the following caps:


Thanks to Ken Layton I now know why the NT-2700 series has been confusing to some of you. Probably 50% of you order the Combo Cap Kit & say it matches perfectly to your 2700 series chassis while the other 50% order the NT-2700 - NT-3506 kit claiming it matches their chassis perfectly!

Turns out the answer is simple & something found with many Asian chassis' as I had suggested at the beginning of this article. More than one version of the same model number! Ken has explained how to ID which one you have & I will post it here to help you get the correct kit for your chassis.

The typical NT-2700 series that carries forward with the same Combo Cap Kit & Pincushion Kit as it's predecessors, is described as the Li-Chin chassis. Ken says an easy way to ID it is that C118 & C119 will be populated with 1000uf35v caps. The PCBs will be silked with "Li-Chin" to further aid in ID.

Version 2 uses the NT-2700 thru NT-3506 cap kit & will be silked with "Full Family". C118 & C119 will be populated with 100uf160v caps.

Ken also notes that your chassis may be plain with nothing silked on it whereby you must rely on the cap values in C118 & C119 for proper ID.


I think it's safe to say that if your last two digits in your model number are "00" then you have a CGA monitor... if they are "01" it's an EGA monitor... and "02 & up" would be a VGA monitor.... at least that seems to be the precedence.

The flybacks are on the Parts Page at $30 each, as well.

If I get any more info on these monitors I'll post it here where I cannot forget it :-()